About Us

restoration words

Pastor Peter Ebong


What is the vision for this movement?

On what rock do we stand


To reach out to millions with the gospel of restoration all around the world using the social media as a platform for this mandate which will ultimately culminate in salvation, healing, signs and wonders, breakthroughs and deliverances.


ISH 58: 1-2, 12-14.

  1. We are called to restore man back to his creator through salvation of souls using the social media as a platform.
  2. We are called to restore mans dignity to his place in redemption.
  3. We are called to raising great and quality Christians in the body of Christ.
  4. We are called to blot the handwriting of Satan in life of individuals.

How can this be achieved?

It is not the length of a thing that impacts but the spirit behind the words 2cor 3.6

  1. Our 4 mins audio is enough to heal the heart of every man across borders.
  2. Our words for thoughts are daily words of wisdom indeed, that enlighten individuals daily.
  3. God is committed in making our written words bring in same potency and quality as our audio.

Therefore, together with the restorers, executives, outreach coordinator, lovers and followers of the restoration words.

  1. We should be a part of sharing our audio and words of wisdom getting others to like and follow our page on FB and joining our WhatsApp group, to be sure we are reaching a number of individuals worldwide.
  2. We must engage the Holy Ghost on the altar of prayer and fasting every Tuesday with outreaches to pray for salvation of souls across the social media world.
  3. We should be a part of our media evangelism by using our logo as whatsapp profile picture and also posting our written words on groups and on fb for this revival.

We believe God to do his will this year for us a commission.

That this year shall be indeed our year of Abundance.

Jesus is Lord

Peter Ebong

President Restoration words Intl