You won’t rise by bringing down others .

Every time you are asked about your colleagues, you prefer spoiling their names to your boss so you can look like the good one.
It’s Wrong!!

Why use another reproach shame to rise?

There is no short cut to success, you can spoil that man’s name before his boss not before God.

You might eventually get that promotion but what about the person you’ve caused to be sacked or you’ve damaged their reputation.

One of the main key to rising in life and destiny is by promoting others.
When you promote others, you will be promoted.
When you support others, people will support you.
When you lift others, people will lift you.
Don’t use them, promote them .

It may look like no one is seeing you but in a very little time.
God is not blind, he will always promote men that mean good in all their dealings.

Stop talking down on people to boost up your ego

God is the lifter of men, he/she is down today doesn’t mean he/she won’t fly tomorrow.

He is the lifter of men.

May God lift you this month.

I believe this have blessed you, please share to bless someone also.

Peter Ebong

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