Last week Friday, we had a prayer meeting in my church,
While Praying during the Personal Supplication Session.
The Holy Ghost told me to stop and look,
I saw this little girl about 2 years old, running and playing, her mother was also praying not too far from this girl to ensure all was fine.
Then this girl fell on the floor, immediately she looked straight at her mother but the super mom did not move an inch,
I was expecting this girl to cry on the floor,
No Sir.
I was expecting this girl to remain on the floor expecting the mother to come to her rescue,
No Sir.
She stood up and that was when her brain signalled “its time to cry”, but she didn’t cry away, she cried straight to her mother and her mother embraced her and carried her.
Then the Holy Spirit explained to me:

  1. Many have fallen into Sin, wrong decisions and have made mistakes, but instead of them to get up and cry to me, the prefer to remain there, feeling guilty and thinking i hate them.
  2. Many have fallen and they expect me to just come and carry them up i don’t operate that way, He further explained, i love them and i can help them up but the process of rising from their fallen state on their own makes them stronger .
  3. When you fall, don’t look away, run to me, cry to me, i am able to help you up i am able to bring you out. Stop running away from God

He doesn’t hate you nor condemn you.

May God Raise you Up this week!!

Peter Ebong

Raisingapure generation

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