KAIIIIIII. Spiritual Hunger 😭😭😭

What is it that makes a man go days without food seeking the face of God?

What is that thing that will make a man pray for 6-12 hrs in a day, his work schedules not withstanding?

Why will a man fellowship with the Holy Spirit for hours and be crying like he is a baby?

What will make a man sit on God’s word for hours, searching and asking questions?

What is it that will make a man, read all materials that he can get notwithstanding his monthly budget??

Sir, it’s called Hunger😭😭😭,

Hunger can’t be acted, hunger is imparted.

The impartation occurs as we dwell more in the secret place.

In the Holy of Holies, instead of being filled, we get more hungry.

The more we dwell, the more the hunger amplifies.

A man that truly have a communion with him, never gets satisfied with the status quo.

Didn’t you see Baba Adeboye doing prayer walk of recent?
What is this man still looking for??

When i visited Evang. Prince Ekeke, the man of God told me, he has never known sleep for 2 years, he hides himself in a bush and groan till morning, the same man will speak to dead kidneys, liver etc and immediately they will respond.
It’s not nollywood, it’s hunger .

Don’t expect to make mark when spiritual things don’t interest you.

Blessed are they that hunger and thirst after righteousness for they shall be filled_ .

Actually the filling makes us look for God more.

Stop looking for title, look for God .

Stop balloting for position, crave for a genuine relationship .

The key to sustain spiritual intensity and consistency is insatiable hunger for more of God.

I heard of Father’s like Bishop Oyedepo and Apostle Johnson Suleiman that fasted till they were coughing out blood.

Kaii, the hunger made them loose taste for material things including food.

I pray for more hunger in your life that will catapult you to destiny.

Please share, to also bless someone out there, our generation needs fire, let’s make it happen.

Peter Ebong

Raising a Pure Generation



Jesus take the Glory

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