episode 2 – A soldier of our relationship with god

A soldier of our relationship with God

Good morning People of God.

It is another episode of Restoration word.

I have something special for you today

I know for sure everyone that listened to our last two episodes have been immensely blessed, we give God all the glory.

Remember, this message is a word in season to someone out there so please I beg you share this message to every group and to everyone.

Today we are talking about a solidifier of our relationship with God.

It is the Topic of Trust.

How much do you trust God and his word?

How much do you trust God, irrespective of the situation, conditions and troubles?

How much do you trust God that he can bring to pass what he said for you?

How much do you trust him in the midst of your temptations that he will make a way of escape?

Most times we face very tough challenges and we are tempted to compromise.

Proverbs. 3:5

But what God is saying to you is this My Son, My Daughter they that trust in me shall never be put to shame.

Trust is total dependence on God and his word.

Be mindful of the word total, or should I say absolute.

The reason why God has not answered you is because your trust for him has been divided.

Rem, you cannot serve God and mammon, and a double minded man is unstable in all his ways.

Matt. 6:24, James. 1:8

Even in the natural when there is no complete trust in a relationship, it is bound to crash.

Here this, the prove of your love for him is determined by how well you trust him.

Look at Abraham, still believed God even at 100.

God will surely bring to pass his promises for you, no matter how long.

Delay is not denial cause his vision will surely speak, the time factors notwithstanding.

One thing I want to grow in,  is learning how to trust God  more and more even in the midst of adversity.

Even in the face of death, like Shedrack, Meshach and Abednego.

Where we can stand and say,

Even if I fail that course, I rather trust God than compromise.

Even if the wealth doesn’t seem to come early, I rather trust him  than compromise.

Even if nothing looks like it is working, I rather trust God than compromise

Even if I get to menopause stage for childbirth, I rather trust God than compromise.

Our complexities are his simplicities

He created everything in 6 days; one day is too much for him to turn your life around.

He is the ancient of Days, time is not a barrier to how he operates. Your own part is to trust in him.  

Please share to everyone you know, to also be a blessing to them.

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Remember, God will only show himself strong to those that trust in him and his ability.

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