Don’t Neglect Associations that should help Your Rising

During the 1980s, i am sure Men like Bishop Oyedepo and Pst Adeboye had friends around them but not all of them are known today, we only hear of few.

Selman had departmental mates and friends but we only hear of “Ejimi”.
What happened to the Others?

I saw a video where Johnson Suleiman recognized his old time friend and rewarded him with a Car among other things.

you have future generals around you ,
Future Billionaires,
Future Ministers of the gospel and the list continues!

Men that will take the world by storm with inventions and innovations are all scattered around you.

You see them everyday, you pass them every morning, some are your neighbors, some are in your church, some are in your contacts,

The question is,
Do you value that association?

It is not a difficult task to identify a great person.

If you can look at the lifestyle and principle of certain individuals, you can tell they wont remain small as they might look now.

Do you value those persons?

Can it be said that you are a part of their success story?

Do you honour Positive associations around you?

Your rising is linked to an association you value today .

You can cut negative associations, but keep and value kingdom friends.

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