Episode 1: Today I want to talk about Prayer.

Pastor Peter Ebong

Good morning everyone,
My name remains Peter; it is another episode of Restoration word. First of all I want to appreciate everyone out there that listen to our first restoration word episode, for the encouragements and commendations.
God bless you all.

Today I want to talk about Prayer.

In the race of life, we were created on earth by our creator but he left us with a very vital and powerful weapon and it’s the weapon of prayer. Maybe you are out there your children or your siblings are concern to you and the family, your husband is going the wrong path things don’t seem to look OK you have tried and tried but nothing is coming out from that business venture.
Try Prayer, one of my mentors will always say the distance between you and your answers is the same distance between your knees and the ground.
Prayer can still change individuals, no matter how difficult.
Prayer can still change situations, no matter how complex.
Prayer can change destiny, no matter its conclusion.
When last did you pray over that issue till you got a confirming answer.
Matt 6.6 but thou when thou prayest, enter into thy closet and when thou hast shut thy door , pray to thy father which is in secret, and thy father which seeth in secret shall reward thee openly.
Matt 6.31-33
Therefore, take no thought of what you shall eat or drink, for your heavenly father knowest them all.
33. but seek ye first the kingdom of God on the altar of prayer and every other thing shall be added.
I advise, don’t just pray according to time, pray till the burden leaves your heart.
That your brother can still change
That your lecturer can still favour you
That your boss can still help you
That your wife can still change
You can break free from that habit
Those your group members can still be effective.
The weapon of prayer is the weapon of conquest.
Don’t let that matter persist, what you don’t resist will persist, what you don’t conquer will continue to contend.
I heard a story of a woman , that was a member of a church. Her husband was always going out coming back late, often drunk, worst still with another woman. The man will come home beat her up and chase her out of the house but these woman was a prayer giant, at a point she was to be ordained to be a dcns in that church but she refused and said she want to be ordained with her husband a year after, you may ask, how can these be a drunk, a womanizer and others. A summary of the whole story is exactly a year after she was ordained as a Dcns with her husband who was ordained a Dcn, today the man is a pastor.
She didn’t go to any herbalist, nor politician, nor doctor, nor pastor. Where did she go ‘To her prayer room ‘ where our victory is established and barriers are cheaply sorted out.

Thank you for listening to another episode of restoration words, I believe you were blessed.

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